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Redesign of Sky Broadband landing page to integrate Lego Batman partnership

Sky_Broadband_Tablet insitu.jpg

Sky Broadband teamed up with 3rd party brand, Lego Batman, to promote their broadband  products and needed exciting campaign visuals to be integrated into the landing page. 


In the header area, a striking campaign brick wall image holds the offer message to draw immediate attention.

Sky bb scamp 1.jpg
Sky Broadband Table.jpg

The pricing table was redesigned to incorporate the movie characters at the top of each product level to add some lighthearted fun to an otherwise unengaging grid without over-complicating the interface.

Sky store 1.jpg

Redesign of Sky Store landing page to highlight their buy & keep sale

Sky store 3.jpg
Sky store 2.jpg

Sky Store needed a new landing page to highlight the launch their Buy & Keep sale event and communicate the benefits of their overall service to encourage potential customers to sign up.

Sky Store-Mobile-insitu.jpg
Sky store scamp 4.jpg

As the main purpose of this landing page is to encourage sign ups to the service, a tempting promotional hero image displays the top discounted DVDs with a prominent sale tag and, further down, the benefits of the service are featured alongside an attention-grabbing cube graphic.

The overall layout and design is clean, crisp and elegant, in keeping with Sky's brand.

Sky-Store-Mobile-3screens v2.jpg
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